Camella Tierra Del Sueno - AMENITIES

At the entrance to the estate, there is a well-manned gate which announces your entry into Camella Tierra Del Sueño. The security at the gate ensure that people getting in and going out are properly checked so that as a homeowner you can be comfortable knowing that your security is guaranteed. The gate is under lock and key. 
The park and playground are expansive to give you space to interact with nature. As a matter of fact, you do not have to get out of the community because all you can get outside there is right here with you. Walking in the greens of the park while your children play with the rest of the community kids in the playground gives you a good time to think over the week and the days to come. 

If you are an active person, you may prefer working out at the basketball court. This facility is not only done with quality materials, it is also standardized such that you can practice here for your competitive matches. With the basketball court, you can reinvent your active lifestyle and draw new goals towards physical fitness. 

Very few developments in this area have clubhouses. The developer ensured that there is a well-done clubhouse in Camella Tierra Del Sueño. Inside the clubhouse, anyone can get entertained. If you want to throw a holiday or birthday party, you can use this facility to bring your friends together and enjoy quality time with each other. There is also a pool table in the clubhouse from where you can practice your skills and hold a mini-tournament with your community. If you don’t feel like making coffee in your house at any one time, you can stroll into the clubhouse and have a cup of freshly made coffee and some eateries to accompany it. 

Swimming pools are the best way to enable you exercise all round without really sweating it out. In the spirit of healthy living, the developer thought it best to construct a swimming pool for the residents of Camella Tierra Del Sueño. This is an awesome recreational facility for people from all ages. You could also come up with competitive swimming where you join up and form a swimming club right here. 

To supplement the clubhouse, there are function rooms where you can have serious meetings. The rooms are nicely done to give everyone a comfortable environment from which to follow the proceedings. The management of the function room is left to Camella because they are well equipped with the knowledge and the network to keep this facility running. 

Utilities including electricity, water supply, and sewerage management are all organized. The power is reliable and there are backup generators to ensure a smooth transition from the national grid just in case there is a power outage. Within the community, the power lines are underground and there are clear markings showing where the cables are passing for safety purposes. The water distribution system is efficient and ensures clean water supply. The network of distribution pipes is checked regularly to guarantee residents here of a constant flow without wastage. The drainage system together with the sewerage system were laid out a distance from the water piping to prevent contamination. The systems are futuristic and can be able to handle even surface runoffs in case of severe rains.

  • Entrance Gate
  • Park and Playground
  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball Court
  • 24 hour security
  • Swimming Pool
  • Function Rooms
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